The Intel AppUpSM Application Lab series is coming to Tampere! Learn about exciting developments with MeeGo and the Intel AppUpSM developer program, focused on showing application developers how to monetize their apps and easily create revenue.

We're excited to bring our Intel AppUpSM Application Lab series to the MeeGo Summit FI at the Finlayson area. Register today and join us on Saturday, April 16 at 16:15 h for a free event to hear all about the Intel AppUpSM developer program and MeeGo.

Attendees will discover the benefits of enrolling in the Intel AppUpSM developer program and about developing for MeeGo and our other available operating systems and runtimes (Windows C/C++, Adobe AIR, Java, .NET). Find out why you should develop for the Intel AppUpSM center, discover the great monetization opportunities, see live coding demonstrations and talk to Intel experts about personal code issues.

General Agenda:

  • Doors open 30 minutes before session time to take seats (check-in and refreshments provided)
  • Session Summary Intel AppUpSM center & Intel AppUpSM developer program as well as overview about MeeGo Momentum
  • Application development for Intel AppUpSM program
  • Networking & catering
  • Optimizing MeeGo Apps with Intel MeeGo dev tools
  • Networking

Seating for the event is limited to registered attendees—so register now

Please note that at this point in time we can only accept registrations from people that are actually attending the MeeGo Summit. Currently the Summit is sold out, but you can queue for cancelled seats here. If you have sent information to, you don't need to fill the form, you have been added to queue already.

We look forward to seeing you in Tampere!